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Pest Control Services

Let's face it-there is nothing worse than finding your home full of pests. Common insects that try to consider your house their home include cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, earwigs, silverfish and many more.


The LowCountry Team can solve your interior pest problems, and make your life more livable inside your own home with Four services a year. After all, it is meant to be your home-not the pests! 


And remember, if you need us inbetween visits, will come back, at no charge.

Termite Warranties

Termites are everywhere. So with that being said why risk your home or business being attacked by a colony of wood-hungry termites.


We offer termite treatments using only the industries top termiticides, at pricing that is hard to beat. Post treatment inspections are conducted annually to insure your protection at a fraction of the cost.


So don't hesitate on setting up a free estimate of your home or business with our certified technicians and remember if you are not part of The LowCountry Team- we guarantee you are missing out.


If you need a crawl space encapsulation installed in your home, call us today! We provide some of the best quality installations in the Greater Charleston area.


Most people don’t quite understand just how big of a difference crawl space encapsulations can make for their homes until they have one installed.


Some of the benefits of the crawlspace encapsulation are cleaner air inside the home, mold control, rodent control, energy savings, and subfloor wood rot to name a few.


With pricing that is hard to beat and estimates that are always free, why not give us a call and experience what dozens of crawlspaces in the area have experienced by calling The LowCountry Team.



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