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Crawl space encapsulation is a revolutionary type of vapor barrier installed in an unfinished crawlspace underneath a home to prevent, mold, mildew, dampness and wood decay inside the crawlspace and protecting the home.  If a home has a severe problem, such as a very wet crawl space or if there is a mold issue, we can encapsulate the crawlspace to prevent further decay and protect the upstairs home environment.  Our liner is spread across the entire floor area and attached to the side walls. We seal around pipes and piers, fully encapsulating the entire crawl space.  After the encapsulation we install a Top Line Dehumidifier and a condensate pump running of it's own breaker to help control the humidity and moisture of the crawlspacwe. Our materials are puncture resistant, water proof, anti-microbial, and fire retardant.


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