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Crawlspace Experts


  The same problem with crawlspaces in Lowcountry homes is happening in millions of homes across the country. It's a problem so real that building scientists call it a real "housing epidemic", and it happens because the crawlspace building codes aren't working. Moisture is being trapped under the house resulting in mold growth and wood rot.


   Practices & measures we take are: making sure the terrain is graded to divert water away from the crawl space and install foundation drains and a sump pump if necessary. We can seal or install vents to help eliminate outside moisture from entering the crawlspace. We can encapsulate the crawl space & line the entire space with a thick vapor barrier and then seal it to completely isolate the area from both ground and outside air. We then condition the space by using a dehumidifier to monitor and keep relative moisture levels under control.


  We also specialize in: Insulation removal and install,  crawlspace repairs, and crawlspace clean-ups.

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